5 sentences on parrot in hindi

Jul 15, Hello everyone. I would like to initiate by saying a few points about the topic assigned to us. Education is one thing everyone should have. It instill The thinking abilities about the course which he or she is studying and practically.

5 sentences on parrot in hindi

Jul 15, Hello everyone. I would like to initiate by saying a few points about the topic assigned to us. Education is one thing everyone should have. It instill The thinking abilities about the course which he or she is studying and practically. But if we see now a days a student has to go through number of exams from kg to pg.

Exams are curbing the thinking abilities of students which is the primary objective of education. The Major cause for unemployment in India is this type of examination based education. Even parents are also just focusing on their child marks instead of what The child is learning by going to school.

I would like to conclude the topic by saying that college should take initiative to eliminate this type of education. The way students are Under the compulsion to write as exact as what is given in the text shows the misconception of examinations by the state board schools and often students find this way of approach as a difficult task and automatically they tend to develop a fear for examinations.

Not just the way of conducting exams but also the way students are spoon fed by the teachers and the method of evaluation using the key set by a group of teachers are definitely not helpful.

A unique approach to examination by schools will definitely raise the standard of students and thus I would conclude by saying that examinations conducted in a better way never kills education.

Jun 26, Hello friends, Examination are just basically composed of 11 alphabets but they carry tons of fear, stress, anxiety in students. According to me, Examination should be taken in a postive manner rather than negative, And examination is all about collaborating our knowledge and writing it in the walls of our mind rather than vomiting it in a piece of parchment sheet.

Jun 23, Well, my point of view for examination is that, exams are necessary to evaluate what student have studied or gained duting there academic year.

If examinations are taken in positive way, it is very good process. Jun 13, No, as per my opinion. Examination should be there for student to check there ability and knowledge about subject that they are studying. May 7, No, exam does not killed the education as it check our knowledge, mental strength and effiency that we gain over a certain period of time.

But exam should be more application and ptractical oriented rather than memorizing the theories so that along with better understanding of theories, students get the ability to think out of box to get creative and innovative ideas among them.

If there will be no examination then they will Never fell like studying. Through the Indian education system which is completely based on examination, entrance, interview etc is has produce a number of people who are now working in big MNC. More than half of the employees in silicon valley are Indians.

Apr 23, In nowadays, the education system has become like a spoon feeding. So that during the time of examination students used to study that topics but unable to apply anywhere. If we continue the same system in future we may lags at Present technology.

Finally, my opinion is changing the examination system towards applications, practicals student can able to learn something about that concept. Apr 22, Exams have not killed the education but the Indian education system is responsible for killing of education.

In foreign countries education system is different and the mode of education is also different and students are enjoying it. But in our country, it is totally different from students are not focused on understanding but they are memorising.

And a common effect faced is conceptually weak and this leads to unemployment. Apr 18, It has not killed students because This is a practice which makes our mind stable. It also judges that how much knowledge we have gained in a particular year.

Through examination we can check our knowledge, strength.

5 sentences on parrot in hindi

We can know our mistakes and work on it. If there would be no examination then students might not study hard. Even if we are habitual of studying just one day before of examination.

Through examination, we can check our knowledge, strength. The students are examined by the exams. Exams are to know that the student has understood the concept or not.

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We think that exams are killing the student as there is a lot of pressure of parents and competition among the students. So, see yourself level to give your best in the examination to score good marks in paper according to your level. So, examination not kills the student but there is only strees to release it we should take rest.

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5 sentences on parrot in hindi

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The History of English - Late Modern English (c. - Present)