A look at the advantages of stupidity

To a large extent, the authors have been successful: In Sweden, where one of the authors is based, the term has even been officially adopted as a new word within the Swedish language translated as funktionell dumhet[1] and has gone on to inspire an eponymous stage-play [2]. One might be consoled that academic research is having a wider impact beyond the university-based business school, especially from such well-known proponents of critical management studies see e.

A look at the advantages of stupidity

Create New Will Graham: I thought you might enjoy the challenge. Find out if you're smarter than the person I'm looking for.

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Then, by implication, you think you're smarter than I am, since it was you who caught me. No, I know I'm not smarter than you. Then how did you catch me? Someone, perhaps The Herohas to deal with an Ax-Crazy character who is more than a match for them Is the villain suffering from a Split Personality?

Well, turn the multiple personalties against each other, the villain will be completely ineffective as they squabble and fight for control. Is the villain's problem a Complexity Addiction?

Appeal to his ego; simply killing the hero with the pull of a trigger or a swing of an axe probably isn't grandiose enough for him. Is the villain a gambling addict? Challenge him to a game of chance, he won't be able to resist.

What about the remorseless, sadistic Psychopathic Manchild who kills For the Evulz?

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Even he will grovel sobbingly at the feet of the guy who holds his favorite teddy bear hostage. A Blood Knight hopelessly addicted to fighting? He won't kill you and will probably hold himself back or even deliberately give you an advantage at some point because killing you or winning by an overwhelming margin is no fun.

Particularly bad case of Hair-Trigger Temper? You can easily get them to do something incredibly stupid in a blind rage without even really trying. On those rare occasions when an Ax-Crazy villain becomes Bored with Insanity and turns sane again, the new-found sanity may throw our heroes for a loop when they make their plans Contrast Power Born of Madnesswhere insanity has its advantages too.

In the episode's climax he is saved by Pierrot's childishly low threshold for pain.

A look at the advantages of stupidity

Not only that, it takes considerable time for Ranma's fear to reach the necessary level, which means he or she, as the case may be is simply running around, completely open, unable to fight back until it kicks in In fact, the only time that the Cat Fist has been an actual advantage is the climax of the Phoenix Pill saga, where Ranma uses it to catch Cologne off-guard: It's notable that teaching this technique involves covering the student in fish and throwing them in a hole with a buttload of hungry cats.

The book in which Genma found the technique even points out that the technique is effectively useless because of all the reasons above and was only included as a historical curiosity.


If only Genma'd turned the page and read that part In the manga the page with the insanity warning and how useless the Cat Fist is was stuck to another page, keeping Genma from noticing it. When he ascends to Super Saiyan 2, Gohan loses a good chunk of his sanity, wanting Cell to suffer for his actions so much that he deliberately drags the fight out rather than finish him off.

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This bites him in the ass big time when his decision to prioritize revenge and sadism over pragmatism leads Cell to a Villainous Breakdown and to try to blow up the Earth, costing Goku his life.

In contrast to the completely insane Frieza, Frost, for all his cruelty and grievances, appears to use his head and control his emotions rather than let them get the best of him in the heat of the moment and, for the most part, ends up much better off for it.

Whereas Frieza literally gets himself killed months after his revival, Frost is able to survive for over a year as a fugitive upon losing everything he had. Even as a villain, Frost is mainly driven by profit and is a No-Nonsense Nemesis rather than enjoying wanton death and destruction and drawing out fights.

While he was always mentally unstable even on his best days, Frieza originally had enough lucidity to be something resembling a pragmatist and a No-Nonsense Nemesis to his opponents, as seen when he kills Dende.

After Goku hands him his ass on a platter after going Super Saiyan, he steadily becomes so Ax-Crazy in his appearances that while he does have a couple moments of lucidity in battle, he's now so bonkers that the only arguable thoughts he has anymore are revolving around murdering people sadistically, especially when it comes to Goku.

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Johan on Monster is a frighteningly effective criminal even while insane. If he had been sane enough to not attempt to commit a perfect suicide by eliminating all evidence of his existence before goading someone into killing him, he probably would have been unstoppable. On the other hand he's still alive and apparently free.That is the secret of all culture: it does not provide artificial limbs, wax noses or spectacles—that which can provide these things is, rather, only sham education.

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The Advantages Of Stupidity Most people say being stupid will lead no where. They claim that it is the worst possible condition in which to spend one's life, and if possible, it should be completely avoided.

Honestly? This sounds a lot more like a pseudo-libertarian fantasy than reality since we can actually look at the reality in other countries. The UK has no problem getting adrenaline injector’s made, companies are not fleeing the country and there’s little problem if you need an epi-pen.

Yet, perhaps if people took a closer look at some of the advantages stupidity had to offer, they wouldn't have such a negative attitude toward it. After reading this paper, one will understand the advantages of stupidity along the lines of work ethic and even how their minds work. Stream 50 million songs, ad-free on Apple Music.

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A look at the advantages of stupidity

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