An analysis of the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana

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An analysis of the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana

As expected, considering that weed is considered as a dangerous drug, the move has raised plenty of questions and has become a hot topic in debates. So, is this a wise or wrong move? Here are the pros and cons of legalizing weed to help you come up with an informed answer.

List of Pros of Legalizing Weed 1. As governments struggle with decreased revenue and rising costs, they look for creative ways to boost income to fund projects, such as new parks and road repairs.

Now, some people believe that the legalization of weed could be revenue generator in the form of new taxes applied to its sale and distribution. For instance, in Colorado, analysts recommend that taxing the drug could raise millions of dollars each year.

Legalization advocates claim that the move will provide police officers more money and time to go after criminals committing other crimes, such as violence. They even argue that it would create wiggle room in the criminal justice system, which allows judges and prosecutors to focus more on violent crimes, while crowded prisons are freed of space.

Less Money to Support Organized Crime. It is believed that legalizing recreational weed will cut off a revenue stream for illegal drug traders.

Advocates contend that making the substance less profitable for criminals will result to a decrease in violence associated with the trade.

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This would save lives while taking the weight off from law enforcers. When a person buys weed off the street, there is no way he would exactly know what dangerous substances are cut into it.

On the other hand, current legalization efforts create a framework for a safety control system, which will work to get rid of the risk coming from smoking marijuana. Wider Access for Medicinal Use. In many states, including Massachusetts, California and New Jersey, it is legal to use medical marijuana under certain guidelines.

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This means more people will be free to use the drug for its believed health benefits. Medical Benefits for Cancer Patients. As previously mentioned, marijuana brings about a number of medical benefits.

However, the most notable of them all is the treatment of patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. This is the reason why certain states, such as California, have implemented initiatives for the legalization of the drug for medicinal purposes. By limiting the use of marijuana, we are intruding on personal freedom.

Even if the drug is shown to have harmful effects, it is still the right of every individual to decide what harms him or not. Currently, you cannot call the police or any lawyer to litigate if someone in the drug trade screws you over.

Instead, you must settle the dispute yourself, which often leads to a cycle of retaliatory violence. But with legalization, proper means to settle disputes would be created. It is quite ironic, but perhaps the worst opponents of weed legalization are drug dealers themselves. Due to the absence of competition and high street prices, they are making enormous sums of money.

But through legalization, there will be open competition and lower prices, so drug cartels, which might include terrorists, would lose some or even all of their business. List of Cons of Legalizing Weed 1. Marijuana legalization supporters argue that weed is not as addictive as other harder drugs, such as cocaine and heroin, but addiction treatment specialists have seen firsthand that long-term use does lead to addiction.

Research found that as many as a tenth of users have developed dependence over time. Like in other substances of abuse cases, stopping marijuana use will lead to withdrawal symptoms, which range from anxiety to irritability.

Considering that marijuana is a drug, which by definition changes the way the human body works, its use would lead users to experience a high that alters their perception while under influence.

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For instance, low to moderate doses distort perception that is enough to cause traffic accidents. In fact, study shows that weed is one of the most prevalent illegal drugs found in fatally injured and impaired drivers. Addiction treatment specialists believe that weed is a gateway drug that potentially introduces users to more serious illegal substances of abuse.

Research even suggests that its use might be linked to a higher risk of prescription drug use. A group of teenage boys who abused weed, along with alcohol and cigarettes, were found to be times more likely to abuse prescription drugs when they become young adults.

Marijuana legalization, then, could increase societal and financial costs for the treatment of those introduced to heavier drugs by smoking it.

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Nov 23,  · Get the latest headlines on Wall Street and international economies, money news, personal finance, the stock market indexes including Dow . THE REPORT includes a comprehensive collation of the official FINDINGS OF FACT and Conclusions of the medico-scientific clinical empirical studies conducted by world-respected U.S. academic and research institutions into the smoking of cannabis (marihuana). Legalizing Marijuana: Pros and Cons - The war on drugs is a movement of prohibition and military aid being undertaken by the United States government intended .

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Pros and Cons of Legalization of Marijuana for Medical Purposes Essay - Pros and Cons of Legalization of Marijuana for Medical Purposes Drug use among teenagers has doubled since the year Marijuana is undoubtedly the most popular; the quantity has risen, the price is cheaper, and more people are tempted to start.

Marijuana. Pot. Weed. Whatever you call it, it’s the most popular illegal drug in the world, gaining support for legalization for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Here are some pros and cons of legalizing marijuana, both for medicinal purposes and for recreational use.

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An analysis of the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana

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Why Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Argumentative Essay Example