An overview of the cathedral of consumption costco

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An overview of the cathedral of consumption costco

Female genitalia had long been spurned by the patriarchy as a source of shame, and in response many artists grounded their practice in the revaluation of this portion of the body. The focus on the An overview of the cathedral of consumption costco anatomy intended not just to emphasize a body part, which had not been appropriated by the patriarchy, but also to single out something that was essential to the female experience and what makes women distinct from men.

Schneemann, in the tradition of Fluxus performance art, specifically focused her body art toward reclaiming agency and re-valuing the female anatomy.

In the work, Schneemann created an environment filled with broken mirrors, motorized umbrellas, and rhythmic color units. Schneemann covered her naked body in various materials including grease, chalk, and plastic. She created 36 "transformative-actions" consisting of photographs taken by another artist of Scheemann in her constructed environment.

Included in these images is a frontal nude featuring two garden snakes crawling on Schneemann's torso. Her agency in this image gives the female form a subjectivity it previously lacked, firmly establishing her practice in opposition to the traditional representation of the female nude.

In an effort to both define and differentiate themselves, first generation feminist artists looked for a mythos that predates the exertion of patriarchy. To this end, Great Goddess cultures offered these women somewhere in history to ground their origins outside the boundaries of patrilineal society.

The practice of first generation feminist artists was grounded in second wave feminist principles of collaboration and consensus and usually involved consciousness raising techniques. These artists were focused on intervening in the workings of social hierarchy and the patriarchy they saw at work in the world around them, to redefine the characteristics erroneously ascribed to women throughout history.

Chicago and her contemporaries deeply connected with origins that were free of patriarchal oppression and sought a vision of future liberation. Moreover, this work serves to interrogate what it means to be a woman in Western society, searching for meaning within an oppressive context and finding the essential characteristic that binds these women together.

The media itself also contributes to the essential-ness of the work. By using ceramics and needlework, Chicago used techniques that have been traditionally undervalued as crafts.

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The setting of a dinner party, focusing on the ultimate feminine domain, the home and the serving of food, further invoke the feminized symbolism.

This calls attention to the societal expectations of women and the domestic realm to which they were relegated. Each setting is geared specifically for the contribution and the period of the woman it honors.

Later feminist artists, however, began to question the essentialism and singular identity built in the first generation in favor of more whole representations of female identity.

Second-generation feminist artists shifted toward more individual concerns and focused less on a general, unified feminist message.

Feminist artists of this generation were still committed to gender equality in the art world and society, but chose different tactics to achieve this goal. Moreover, in order to seek the destruction of male-dominated societal precepts, they focused less on the differences between men and women, which was associated with their foremothers.

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Instead, they continued the dialogue between artist and viewer via an embrace of mass media tactics with a combination of alternative media practices and the use of a postmodern lens to further subvert the patriarchy. Artists like Barbara Kruger and Jenny Holzer focused on mass communication that drew on the visual vocabulary of advertising, both in their use of graphics as well as their distillation of complex social and political critiques into catchy slogans.

An overview of the cathedral of consumption costco

The use of appropriation and advertising techniques in feminist art practice grew out of a reaction to the conservatism of the Regan administration and the self-centered consumer culture of the s. Critically, second-generation feminist art practice centered on investigating identity, the body, and society through psychoanalysis, a significant pivot from the visceral lens of earlier practices, signaling an embrace of postmodern theory.

In so doing, Kruger merged slick graphic design, appropriated imagery, and bold phrases to engage the viewer and encourage an interrogation of contemporary circumstances.

Her iconic aesthetic consists of highly legible fonts and a narrow palette of red, black, and white yields work that is both artistic expression and a protest against postmodern life.

With laser-like precision, she makes use of her media background to sell an idea, rather than a product. In her characteristic black and white, Kruger has imposed bold, legible text vertically on the left side of a found image of a female bust statue.

This work draws particular attention to a concern of Kruger and her contemporaries, the male gaze. The found image of a statue comments on the objectification of women by male viewers both in art and culture at large.

It also calls attention to the imprisonment of women by the constructs of gender and femininity, as nothing more than sexual, inanimate objects to be used and consumed by men without their own agency or depth.

By contrast however, the expression of the statue herself is not one of submission, but strength with her face defiantly turned away from the presumed male viewer.

In this work, Kruger addresses the feminist struggle for bodily agency, connecting the physical body of an implied female viewer, bucking the traditional gaze, to contemporary conditions that necessitate feminist protest.

The work seems to be merely a continuation of the first, a face in the process of turning defiantly to confront patriarchal power structures.

An overview of the cathedral of consumption costco

The process of identity building can be seen on a continuum, in this case evolving from a practice rooted in visceral revaluing of the body toward an intellectual reclamation of language.

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