Blair witch project ending

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Blair witch project ending

Advertise Detective Dougherty decided to rattle Trimble by playing head games with him. Weeks after the murder, the cop told his suspect that police needed to videotape another walk-through of the crime scene, presumably to help detectives. Maybe he remembered it better that time.

Instead, they made daily, friendly calls to him, peppering him with questions. They popped up at work and at home unannounced. During one of those sudden house calls, Dougherty remembers noticing a new, snazzy TV set Trimble had just purchased. My wife would never let me.

Thompson, the co-worker, could see those friendly visits were beginning to rattle her coworker. The police strategy of needling Trimble, keeping him off-balance, seemed to be paying off. In May, roughly four months after the murder, investigators sensed their prime suspect was at the breaking point.

They invited him in for a talk I was summoned into the room and Brian was seated to my left as I walked in and Les was talking to him. Was this a motive for murder? Police now went after Blaine Norris full-bore.

The film-maker was unaware that his old pal Trimble had just dropped the dime on him. Norris was busy at home, back at work finally editing his gruesome horror flick.

Still, the cops held back from arresting him. Skip Ebert, district attorney: I was still looking for every fact that I could get to support every word that Brian Trimble had told us.

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So everything he said, in other words, to use him, a corrupt source in a trial.Critics Consensus: Blair Witch doles out a handful of effective scares, but aside from a few new twists, it mainly offers a belated rehash of the original -- and far more memorable -- first film.

In , a horror flick made for less than $25, shattered independent film records at the box office. The Blair Witch Project, which went on to gross $ million worldwide, is a classic. Reviews of Blair Witch () by critics and fans.

Blair witch project ending

Watch video reviews uploaded by users. Four friends with a long-standing -- but strained -- connection take a hiking trip into the Swedish wilderness, from which they may never return. While honoring a deceased mate, a group of friends with little in common encounters a terrifying mystery in the wilderness.

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