Business is it easier to start on in a virtual space than a real space

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Business is it easier to start on in a virtual space than a real space

Close Menu Virtual Office vs Traditional Office Have you been debating between choosing a virtual office vs traditional leased office space? Technology has made it possible to start your business at home and run it online.

Virtual Space for business

Virtual Office vs Traditional Offices But is there a stigma around a business that only operates online and has no brick and mortar location? Can you realistically handle your business and technology needs from home or a remote location? These are all questions we will consider as we compare the two: The virtual office vs traditional offices.

The Pros More cost efficient It certainly costs less to work from a virtual office vs. Without the added cost of leasing commercial property, you can concentrate your finances where you need them most.

More flexible Things are more flexible when you work from a virtual office. Want to eat leftover garlic shrimp for lunch—with pesto pasta on the side? And if you need to go without a certain resource for a week or two, a virtual office enables you to do it without affecting others in the office.

No commute You can sleep in or start early, whenever you choose. Use it to get more sleep or get an early jump on work each day!

Easier on the environment Without the hour and a half commute you eliminate the gas and oil required to get you there and back and the wear and tear on your car. Also, no physical location means no additional garbage from other employees, less paper, and more.

Working from a virtual office is a lot easier on the environment than working from a traditional office. Traditional offices include meeting space within them, making your interactions with clients seem more professional and giving them a look at your business from the inside.

The Cons No physical location Not having a physical location is a con for a couple reasons: No address, no place to store your work-related things, no place to meet with clients other than restaurants. However, you could rent a meeting space from a co-working business near you.

You could deliver a professional experience to your client without having to invite them into your home. Something as simple as having too many things plugged into one outlet could cause problems for both your home and your business.

How to Start an Event Planning Business from Home (Updated )

For some, this is a welcome change, but for others, social contact is a necessary and enjoyable part of work. Office headaches Running a business from home is much different from running a traditional office.

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Many Event Planners start out working from home.

Business is it easier to start on in a virtual space than a real space

This can be a great model for setting up an event planning business as it keeps overheads down in those critical early stages of trading and can maximise productivity.

Experience Virtual Space for business. Free yourself from physical limits and reduce travelling costs by virtualization.

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Step 1: Choose Your Plan. After you click on the big green button that says, “get started now” your next page shows the plans.


There are three main plans Bluehost has for you: basic, plus and you want to host multiple sites (i.e. have more than one blog or business online) or need unlimited storage space, you can go with the plus plan from day one.

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