Essay leadership lessons from the shackleton expedition

Beginning inWellesley served at Dublin Castle pictured as aide-de-camp to two successive Lords Lieutenant of Ireland. Despite his new promise, he had yet to find a job and his family was still short of money, so upon the advice of his mother, his brother Richard asked his friend the Duke of Rutland then Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to consider Arthur for a commission in the Army. While in Ireland, he overextended himself in borrowing due to his occasional gambling, but in his defence stated that "I have often known what it was to be in want of money, but I have never got helplessly into debt". He became a captain on 30 Januaryand was transferred to the 58th Regiment of Foot.

Essay leadership lessons from the shackleton expedition

In fact, success in life — no matter how you define it — can only be achieved with endurance. Surely one of the greatest examples of endurance if not the greatest is the story of Ernest Shackleton and his expedition to the Antarctic on the ship: While we ordinary mortals may never have a death defying adventure like Shackleton and his 28 men, we are already in the midst of our own great adventure called life!


We are called to follow Christ- who even though He is entirely consistent in character, is somewhat unpredictable in his plans for His followers. This is why for the Believer, Life is the Greatest Adventure.

For the Believer, a God-pleasing life is actually shaped by enduring hardships 2Corinthians 6: By your endurance you will gain your lives. More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, Romans 5: Legend has it that Shackleton had placed an advert in a newspaper before the expedition: Small wages, bitter cold.

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Long months of complete darkness. Constant danger, safe return doubtful.

Essay leadership lessons from the shackleton expedition

Honour and recognition in case of success. InErnest Shackleton had accompanied Captain Scott on an unsuccessful attempt to be the first to reach the South Pole. He was actually sent home by Scott for his poor health. On their return journey Scott and his four comrades all perished because of a combination of exhaustion, hunger and extreme cold.

Shackleton had already made 2 previous attempts. On his last attempt he made it to within miles of the Pole. His quest was an adventure which required many elements: Whatever great adventure you are embarking on, whether its building a business, leading an organisation, or being a parent, endurance is mandatory.

When Shackleton interviewed the expedition applicants. He asked an unusual question: It too may be well be called The Endurance. He did not…show…the slightest sign of disappointment.

He told us simply and calmly that we would have to spend the winter in the pack. Elephant Island which would then put them within reach of South Georgia Island, where there was a whaling station.

The 17 day journey has gone down in history as one of the greatest sea voyages ever.Shackleton ordered the crew to abandon the sinking ship and make camp on a nearby ice floe. The next morning, he announced a new goal: “Ship and stores have gone — so now we’ll go home.” A day later, in the privacy of his diary, he was more candid about the gauntlet in front of him.

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4 leadership lessons of the shackleton expedition (and a pretty great adventure story, too) It’s said that for the Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton, his life’s meaning came from the kind of close shaves one encounters only on expedition.

home > articles > Leadership Lessons from Ernest Shackleton and The Endurance. Sometimes when the going gets tough, you just have to keep going. In fact, success in life – no matter how you define it – can only be achieved with endurance. The topic of this leadership case study is Ernest Shackleton.

This paper will identify the development of Shackleton's leadership skills, provide examples and reflections of his abilities, and relate how he played an essential role in one of history's greatest survival stories.

includes sections showing how modern leaders have effectively used lessons learned from Shackleton to improve their own leadership. The story of Ernest Shackleton’s journey to Antarctica in is almost too fantastic to be believed. Shackleton and twenty-seven crew left South Georgia Island on December 5, on board the Endurance.

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