How to write a good tv episode review

Nov 18, at But it has finally been brought to the screen in a new miniseries on HBO.

How to write a good tv episode review

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Click to tweet this article to your friends and followers! The health and vitality of Television Drama Series has, happily, never been better, and I say that from a perspective that covers both sides of The Pond. Banana, Cucumber, Tofu are all proof that writers of longer run dramas are currently at the top of their game.

The Star of Series is in the ascendant.

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And this is as it should be in my book. Sally is one of a number of acclaimed TV writers with one specific thing in common; they all hail from a background of popular drama; that is to say, Series and Serial dramas.

In a recent interview Sally Wainwright was asked what advice she would give to writers who wanted to craft great TV drama. I picked out one of her tips here to illustrate my point; here she talks about specifically working on the longest running soap in the UK, Coronation Street Corrie which is currently 53 years young: Five years on Coronation Street taught me how to tell stories.

It made me start thinking in detail of how one thing leads to another, and how to construct a story with a beginning, middle and an end, rather than just an incident. But in order for a TV drama series to really work; a correct mind set needs to be established from these two key areas so one supports and augments the other.

Writing and Producing Television Drama is essentially a collaborative process ; there are no isolated writers in their garrets here, no man or woman is allowed to exist in splendid isolation — they are expected to pitch in, work together and pull with the team.

That goes for production crew as well as the writers on the team. Here is a blog I wrote about the collaborative process in television and how a writer needs to adapt and tweak their mind set if they want to get in and get on in television as a writer. To be able to create, develop and control several narrative strands for an ensemble cast over more than one episode.

To bring to the table a body of credible, interesting, engaging people with layered, relevant stories to tell; characters capable of exploring a plot line and going on a journey that we the audience want to follow.

how to write a good tv episode review

Able to work the Subtext: This is the most important skill to my mind. All the best series writers have this skill in their lexicon.

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They understand human motivation; they can dip into what makes us tick and can recognise and maximise the connections — the links between story lines so that the subtext is always present as the plot line rolls forward.

Here is a blog I wrote about Subtext in Series drama. Television Drama Production is Producer-centric. The best Producers in my opinion are fascinated — to the point of obsession — with stories, writing, writers and scripts.

how to write a good tv episode review

A Producer who knows their way around a dramatic script; who is able to tap into what the writer has created and why they did it this way, is on a fast track to making a good drama for the screen.

Translating the elements of this script to the screen is the single most important job a Producer has and if they understand the language; if they are hard-wired to connect to the story telling within the piece, then the real conversations between Writer and Producer can begin.

The talent to manage talent: And by this I mean not just the Actors although they are really important but also all the creative teams assigned to the production of this series.Nov 16,  · How to Write and Pitch an Idea for a TV Show.

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Nov 05,  · Outlander premiered Season 4 last night and what was promised to be a very good season got off to a very disappointing start. Urgh, I did not expect to be writing a disappointing review . Oct 24,  · The essence of all good TV is the character.

Characters are why people tune in week after week and what drives the plot of each episode. Try and come up with between main characters, as any more becomes difficult to manage, with 7 main characters (Community, most dramas) being the upper limit%(99).

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