Introduction to marketing research essay example

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Introduction to marketing research essay example

Websites Sales Figures for the businesses own products: These figures can point out key flaws in the businesses structure and so therefore, can help them when deciding what has to be changed for the better of the company.

At the end of the year can check the sales figure of that specific sector. If the numbers are high, then they can leave it as it is; but if they are not, then the figures have just given the company a grand decision to make.

They can either invest a lot of money to improve that sector of the company or, they have the choice of shutting that Sector down permanently. Carrying out marketing research to the company could give them information about their own company on how well they are running it and how much profit they can make a year or a month.

Introduction to marketing research essay example

Questionnaires and surveys is a part of primary research, which is a crucial part of developing a business. Questionnaires and surveys are good ways of gathering information from the general Public. This information can include whether or not they like the company at that moment, if they like the products and prices.

In order to get reliable results, it is wise to survey people in fairly large numbers and also, to survey representatives of your target market. This surveys and questionnaires could tell how the company is from the feedback from the customers.

The company has used this way of marketing to show and prove that it is the only best company to provide the best cereals and snacks which is good and has been running for several years.

Interviews and focus groups: Interviews and focus groups can also be called primary research. Since these are face to face methods, it is more like getting critical feedback on what needs to be improved and what can stay the same.

This method is a lot more helpful than giving out surveys to unknown people, because people can lie or not be serious about their answers, and it can be those answers that can make the company believe that they need to change. Gathering this type of information is also justified by the interview.

This type of research can be useful when trying to pitch an idea for a new product, or when you are coming up with new marketing initiatives and want to test reactions to refine your approach. Because now the company they are running is not small company it a worldwide company.

If the company could have interviews on the employees this could make the people in the company know how good they are and how fit they are to do the work. Knowing how good the employee is could at least make the company better the customers would get a good expression on how the workers and the company is.

Previous market research Previous market research is another word for secondary research. By far the most widely used method for collecting data is through secondary data collection, commonly called secondary research.

This process involves collecting data from either the originator or a distributor of primary research.Describe how a selected organisation uses marketing research to contribute to the development of its marketing plans In this section of the unit the investigation of the marketing research used by Kellogg’s will be shown through thorough research and evaluation also how it links in to the development of Kellogg’s marketing plans.

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