Less than zero book review

Share via Email A traffic jam during early evening congestion on a Los Angeles highway. Dan Chung for the Guardian For those of us who grew up on Joy Division and The Smiths, what makes winter special is not the warming light of a fire but the hours of orangey-blue darkness; not the crispness of an ice-crackle underfoot but the tubercular damp that leeches the last unwelcome dregs of summer from your veins.

Less than zero book review

Pushers are not nice people. This is an early cinematic example of truth about the nature of drug addiction. Scare yourself straight tonight.

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Less than zero book review

Sign in to vote. Every element of it is strikingly evocative of its era. But it also has the little touches that generate shocks of recognition, from the pink and blue lighting, to the opening Bangles track, to the huge banks of TV screens masquerading as interior design it will rekindle memories you never knew you had.

Like the central characters whom it both satirises and glorifies, this movie is beautiful to look at and obsessed with surface and appearance.

This film, while not a happy one, definitely looks good. Some scenes, notably one of McCarthy swimming and one of a swarm of motorcycles driving past him, seem to have no other purpose in the film beyond being aesthetically pleasing. It is easy to say with hindsight that playing a drug-addled and desperate man was never going to be a huge stretch for Downey, and plenty of critics have done so.

Unfortunately, the film rather lets itself down with a closing few minutes that seem to drag on for at least an hour. Despite this fairly major flaw Less Than Zero is entertaining, with enough snappy dialogue, varied music and amusingly dressed extras to counteract its deficiencies.'Less Than Zero' was a good book, but a horrible adaptation.

The movie plays out like an anti-drug drama while the book explores California's wealthy socialites who exist in a state of perpetual uselessness. "Less Than Zero" could be read in less than two hours.

Less than zero book review

I'm not sure how long it took Ellis to write the book, but my guess is it wasn't much more that. It's not a bad book, but it reads like something he might have come up with during a freshman year creative writing workshop.

Bret Easton Ellis is the author of five novels, including Less Than Zero, The Rules of Attraction, American Psycho, Glamorama, Lunar Park, and Imperial Bedrooms, and a collection of stories, The Informers.

His works have been translated into twenty-seven languages/5(). The book Less Than Zero was very loosely adapted into a movie in by 20th Century Fox in title only. It starred Andrew McCarthy as Clay, Robert Downey Jr.

. This shopping feature will continue to load items. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. That inescap- able fact is at the bottom of Less than Zero, a movie that knows cocaine in- side out and paints a portrait of drug addiction that is all the more harrowing because it takes place in 54%.

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