Napoleon bonaparte and the catholic church essay

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Napoleon bonaparte and the catholic church essay

Oriental Institute Negative Number: During the sack of Rome inPope Clement VII had all the papal tiaras and other regalia stripped of jewels, broken up, and melted down for the gold by Benvenuto Cellini to prevent their capture by the forces of Emperor Charles V.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Following the Revolution that cast off the yoke of religion, France set out to eliminate the papal government. Napoleon Bonaparte began waging war against the papal empire, defeating its army and seizing state after state, until Pius VI was compelled to comply with the Treaty of Tolentino February 19th, Under its terms of surrender, the Pope lost temporal sovereignty, and lacking sufficient funds, payed the assessed war debt from its fortune in papal tiaras, jewelry, and works of art.

With the establishment of a Roman Republic, France declared the papal empire extinct. With the church forcibly reduced to temporal impotence and poverty, Pope Pius VII was elected and crowned in with a beggarly pasteboard tiara, said to be profusely ornamented with gold and silver embroidery, set with imitation colored gems, and the one remaining genuine gemstone.

Today, research indicates nearly 30 papal tiaras have existed sincebut several have apparently never been on public view, so little is known about them. Don Giacomo calls it all paper, so as to make the most of the rigours of the captivity at Savona and Fontainebleau.

Lightweight, woven silver cloth, with crowns of gold braiding and imitation gems, topped by a silver cross. Produced in Lyon, France. A similar, or perhaps the same faux tiara, is attributed to The top crown is embroidered with bees and the all seeing eye, the middle crown is embroidered with the lamb of God and crosses, and the lower crown is embroidered with triangles Holy Trinity and papal tiaras with crossed keys.

Photo and history on page of St.

Short Essay on the Reforms of the First Consul - Napoleon Bonaparte

Peter and the Vatican: Pius VII had been in Paris since November 28,for the coronation of Napoleon on December 2, and this tiara was presented to the Pope on the day of his departure from Paris.

Other accounts say the tiara was delivered to the Pope by Cardinal Fesch in June of along with a formal written request from Napoleon that the marriage of his brother to an American Protestant be annulled. Pius VII never granted the request.

Intended as an insult according to press reports for the recent museum tour, which claimed it was made intentionally too small for the pope to wear. It also originally had 3 plaques glorifying Napoleon these have been removed.

The tiara of Julius II escaped the sack of Rome in as it was pawned at the time, but it was greatly re-fashioned by Pius VI inand later broken up by Napoleon. A colored drawing of the original tiara of Julius IIdone in the early 18th century, is in the print room of the British Museum.

When later dug up it was found to be in bad condition and missing gems. It weighs about eight pounds Dubuque Democratic Herald, May 1, This tiara was reportedly used for papal coronations, to include that of Pope Pius IX on June 21, The tiara as seen today is not in its original state.

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Today the only original genuine jewel remaining on the highly modified tiara is the large emerald on top, the rest are colored glass. Displayed in the St.

Napoleon bonaparte and the catholic church essay

The Legacy of the Popes museum exhibit. Photo and history on pages of St. A photo is below. See Dizionario di erudizione storico-ecclesiastica da S.Napoleon I Essay Napoleon Bonaparte is regarded as one of the greatest military commanders in history, changing the map of Europe and developing new laws, civil codes, and educational systems that continue to the present day.

Napoleon Bonaparte and the Catholic Church - Tension grew between the Catholic Church and France during the French Revolution, leading to a schism, which deeply devastated the Church’s economy.

Pope Pius VII and Napoleon Bonaparte came into power as the French Revolution was ending. Napoleon was born the same year the Republic of Genoa, a former commune of Italy, transferred Corsica to France.

The state ceded sovereign rights a year before his birth in , was transferred to France during the year of his birth and formally incorporated as a province in , after years under nominal Genoese rule and 14 years of .

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By the time Napoleon Bonaparte overthrew the Directory government headed by Barras to become the leader of France, the French Catholic church had undergone severe annihilation. Napoleon Bonaparte or should I say the "Son of the Revolution", I believe was both a preserver and a destroyer of the French Revolution.

In fact, "In a sense, Napoleon brought the revolution to an end in , but he was also a child of the revolution" (Spielvogel , 1).4/4(1).

Napoleon bonaparte and the catholic church essay

MY ESSAY-NAPOLEON BONAPARTE- The ideals of the French Revolution were "Equality, Liberty, and Fraternity," yet the methods that were used to accomplish these goals were extreme.

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