Online audio editing service

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Online audio editing service

Review, delete individual clips and reshoot any clip. Add a caption after each clip to highlight details! Speaking showcase while filming.

online audio editing service

You don't need any video editing experience to create videos like a pro. There is no doubt that advances in technology have revolutionized the way we create.

online audio editing service

No longer do filmmakers need the backing of studios to create their films. At Loopster, we offer professional and amateur filmmakers access to quality, cloud-based online video editing software. Whether you are trying to make an art film or you need to edit instructional videos before posting them online, Loopster's free online video editor will ensure that viewers see only your most polished material.

SinceLoopster has provided video editing software to individuals, educators and even professional filmmakers. Our free online video editor is easy to use and learn, yet versatile and comprehensive enough to accommodate projects of any scale.

While our competitors charge hundreds if not thousands of dollars for a similar video editing software, Loopster offers a free version and affordable upgraded packages.


In fact, Loopster free video editing software is more advanced than costly professional editing software was only a few years ago. You can splice footage, adjust angles and even add music and sound effects. Anyone can use Loopster's free online video editor, but there are different membership options for different kinds of filmmakers.

Our Plus Membership includes more storage space, a longer timeline, a second audio line with recording and plenty more upgrades from the free version.

It is perfect for beginner filmmakers who are ready to take their work to the next level. Loopster's Movie Producer Membership is a great option for both amateur and professional filmmakers, with the storage and timeline needed to create amazing movies.

Our Education Package the best online video editor for use in schools and classrooms, from middle school all the way through grad school levels.

It features a teacher admin panel and collaboration features for up to students. Loopster also offers a Business Package that contains everything companies need to create professional videos to promote their products and services.

Loopster puts the power of filmmaking into the hands of the masses. If you are an amateur filmmaker with a low budget and a decent computer, you can create amazing films in high definition. Educators can easily impart the craft of video editing or augment lesson plans without having to spend hundreds of dollars per student.

Log on today, and see for yourself why Loopster's online video editor is the best way to transform footage into film.Voice Editing Services – With our voice and mp3 editing services we correct and eliminate audio errors and unwanted sections in your audio file.

We edit your audio without affecting the natural modulation and tone so that every word is clear, clean and crisp. Audio editing service and audio post-production services.

We can professionally edit and mix your audiobook, audio podcast, interview, audio lecture, webinar or any audio. Improve the sound! Try it for FREE! Audio editing service and audio post-production services.

We can professionally edit and mix your audiobook, audio podcast, interview. is your ultimate daily resource covering the latest news, reviews, tutorials and interviews for digital music makers, by digital music makers.

An audio engineer (also sometimes recording engineer) helps to produce a recording or a live performance, balancing and adjusting sound sources using equalization and audio effects, mixing, reproduction, and reinforcement of sound. Audio engineers work on the " technical aspect of recording—the placing of microphones, pre-amp knobs, the setting of levels.

Loopster is Free Video Editing Software for business, education programs & personal use Our Online Video Editor makes it easy to collaborate Download today.

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