Organizational structure paper essay

Organizational Structures Organizational Structures Every organization must have an organization structure.

Organizational structure paper essay

Identify and describe the different levels of management. Indicate who occupies these positions, and what they do in their job.

You must describe some of the actual people in management positions and describe the positions they occupy. In terms of the management structure, recall from our classroom discussions that an organization's management structure may not fit neatly into one of the theories we discussed.

It may be a hybrid or combination.

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Your job is to examine the structure and identify and explain which aspects relate to the various management models. Organizational Culture - Identify and describe at least 3 important aspects of the organization's culture see Chapter 5.

Public Relations - Describe specifically what the organization communicates through its web site. Explain how they communicate their goals, their vision, their responsibility to customers and clients, and anything else that you find interesting and relevant.

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Your job - Indicate what position you would pursue within this organization, and why. Describe what is involved in this position. Also indicate what your dream job would be within the organization, and why.

I might fail this course! Please fix what you need to. What I have so far: Introduction Westinghouse energy has a bright future in nuclear development and successful global expansion. I chose to research this company because of their organizational structure and culture.

This success in the field of human resources was attractive to me. In the future I would like to become a part of an organization like Westinghouse. Research Methods Interviewing In my research I prepared four sections of interview questions. I developed a series of icebreaker questions, organizational structure questions, Westinghouse corporate culture questions, and a training and development series of questions.

I carefully developed my questions by researching their website and articles pertaining to Westinghouse about their corporate environment. The questions and answers are within my project folder.

Organizational structure paper essay

Scholarly Sources When we were first assigned this project I chose to do Westinghouse because of the studies Westinghouse has been mentioned in for performance management. In this study they linked positive financial performance to in-depth TQM systems. Their hypothesis was not supported. From this study I learned what exactly is Total Quality Management.

I have also learned from this study that it is an effective way to run an organization internationally. I will include more about this article in the organizational structure portion of my paper.

In the previous source I looked at they mentioned that in the ? This award was given to the companies that best used Total Quality Management globally.

For my next source I decided to look more into human resources management and this particular award.Organizational Structure Essay Organizational Structure Paper Student Name MGT Date Professor Name Organizational Structure Paper The company that I chose to examine for their organizational structure is Google.

Google is well-known for their unusual culture which helps and promotes employee creativity. Apr 10,  · Organizational Culture and Structure The structure of an organization determines the allocation of roles, regulations, and responsibilities, and therefore builds a basis for the culture in an organization.

organizational structure and culture Assignment Overview The format of this case differs from the previous three modules and resembles more closely the format of assignments you will see in many of your courses going forward.

The paper discusses the business ethics practice that ZTE Corporation has maintained ever since its formation. Organizational culture case study The maintenance of positive relations between ZTE Corporation and its environment is an essential practice that enables the company to expand its activities in the global arena.

Amazon´s Organizational Structure - Organizational culture is a reflective view of the inner workings of an organization.

This culture reflects hierarchical arrangements as it pertains to the lines of authority, rights and obligations, . However, the sort of organizational structure that is supposed to be preferred by any corporation depends on the nature of the project and goals to be accomplished.

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