Protecting againist macro viruses

You can program what you want to get out and what you want to get in. Everything else is not allowed. There are several different methods firewalls use to filter out information, and some are used in combination.

Protecting againist macro viruses

While initially it was for fun, back in the days of QDOS, malware creating and distribution is now a full-time business, with the end gains being the same as any other for-profit business.

What Firewall Software Does

This article looks at Macro Virus and talks of how to stay safe from macro targeted malware. Cyber criminals send you a macro-infested document via email and use a subject line that interests or provokes you into opening the document.

When you open the document, a macro runs to execute whatever the task the criminal wants. By macro infested document, I mean macros specially designed to download malware or to perform certain other tasks. It can happen that the macro itself creates a malware that is resident on your computer, duplicates itself and sends itself to all the people on your contact list.

After finding out about the vulnerability, Microsoft disabled the macro functioning by default. That is, no macro would run in the Microsoft Word until you turn macros on or run it manually. The same is the case with macros in other applications from the Microsoft.

There are certain other programs that too make use of macros, but they are not as popular and hence may not be targeted by cyber criminals.

Protecting againist macro viruses

In case you do not know, a macro in Office refers to a series of commands and instructions that you group together as a single command to accomplish a task automatically.A macro virus is defined as “a computer virus written in the same macro language used for software applications, such as word processors.” Microsoft Word and Excel are two examples of applications that feature powerful macro languages, which are embedded in documents so they run automatically.

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This beginner's guide to cybersecurity, concentrating on Windows, will help you prevent malware, viruses, and security breaches on your computer and your network. In some cases, viruses can be delivered by embedding them in a macro, which appears to users as a much more benign document (such as a Word or Excel file).

Protecting againist macro viruses

To protect against such viruses, Outlook and Outlook Web Access provide the following attachment-blocking features.

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