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Stephen strauss science writers

Share Shares 24K Stephen strauss science writers great popular science book needs to strike a balance between being accessible and entertaining to the general public, whilst being informative enough to satisfy the most inquisitive minds.

When an author is successful in doing this, great popular science books are born. To ensure some diversity I have only included one entry per author and excluded books mentioned in other lists. Though most of these are best-sellers this is clearly a subjective list and I would love to hear your thoughts on what could be included in a follow-up list.

The list is in no particular order. He is well-known by the general public for his extensive work in theoretical physics, cosmology stephen strauss science writers unfortunately his debilitating battle with motor neuron disease.

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The book — like its predecessor — reads like a biography of the universe, and is a great introduction to the world of physics. The Sunday Times sum it up best: An A-Z Guide to the Elements. A chemist and doctor of science turned full-time writer, Emsley is responsible for many popular science books.

The book serves as a detailed and interesting essay on each element, much like and expanded and entertaining version of the periodic table. Death by Black Hole: And Other Cosmic Quandaries. Tyson is a very charismatic, enthusiastic and entertaining fellow and that is very prominent in his works and media appearances.

His book Death by Black Hole is no exception. In it he explores everything from the destructive nature of black holes to the gaffes made in science fiction films.

His humorous nature and enthusiasm make this book a very enjoyable read. The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution. Evolutionary biologist and prominent atheist Richard Dawkins goes to great lengths providing evidence for evolution in The Greatest Show on Earth.

If not, then be prepared for a passionate, thorough, witty and depending on your views, perhaps even controversial look at the origin of our species. Also be sure to read the subplots that are in the footnotes for interesting side notes on the main content of the book. Michio Kaku is a theoretical physicist, one of the founders of string theory and a well-known popularizer of science through books, radio, television and film.

In Hyperspace, Kaku looks at string theories proposal of 10 dimensional space time and makes the complex subject approachable by using it to ponder the possibility of time travel and multiple universes.

It is a must read for anyone interested in theoretical physics without being lost in the complexity of the equations involved. Another physicist and philosopher there seems to be a trend hereKumar had written scientific papers for journals, newspapers and co-written popular science books before venturing into his own book, Quantum.

The draw of this book is how the great minds of physics went head to head in a battle of the brains around what theory they believed was right. The Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters. Matt Ridley is a science journalist and author.

He is best known for his books on genetics, evolution and looking at human behavior from an evolutionary viewpoint. Genome has one chapter for every pair of human chromosomes, thus using the book itself as a metaphor for the human body. Each chapter looks at a different pair of chromosomes and Ridley picks a gene from each to discuss throughout the chapter.

Genome is a great book to gain knowledge on genetics in an accessible and entertaining way. A Universe from Nothing: Lawrence Krauss is a theoretical physicist known for his work on dark matter and for publishing several popular science books.

Sagan played a significant role in choosing the contents of the voyager golden record which is currently on-board the voyager spacecraft, soon to be the first man-made object to enter inter-stellar space.

stephen strauss science writers

Though Cosmos was published over 30 years ago it is still a relevant and intriguing read filled with amazing imagery of the universe. In it Sagan looks at the evolution of our universe, the evolution of science, and how people are quite literally the universe conceptualizing itself.

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His book Wonders of the Universe compliments his television series of the same name. Using materials found on earth and glorious illustrations throughout Cox makes it easier for his audience to understand the concepts in his book.

The book explores the marvels of deep space looking at distant stars, black holes, the death of our sun and so much more.In later sections Strauss moves on to the Wordsaurus, a complete glossary of measurement terms, and finally to the Sizesaurus itself, in which detailed conversion tables provide common equivalents of scientific measurements.

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Strauss’ profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Stephen J. has 2 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Stephen J.’s connections and jobs at similar Shareholder at Buchalter, A . STEPHEN STRAUSS • Sackville Street, Toronto, Ont., M5A 3G5 • Phone: • Cell: • Email: [email protected] HIGHLIGHTS OF SKILLS One of Canada’s premier science writers and columnists over a 30 year period.

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